• Han Yue


    Han Yue


    ·Champion of the Year International Category

    China Rally Championship

    ·4 World Stunt Driving Records Holder

    ·China Accredited Racing Instructor

    ·Founder of DrivingArt

  • Li Wei


    Li Wei


    ·Overall Champion of the Year

    China Rally Championship

    ·China Accredited Racing Instructor

    ·Co-founder of DrivingArt

  • Zhang Shengjun


    Zhang Shengjun


    ·Champion of the year DCGP

    ·4-times Champion of the Year CDC

    ·Champion of World Drift Series

    ·China Accredited Racing Instructor

  • Lin De Wei


    Lin De Wei


    ·Champion of the year

    Asia Pacific Rally Championship

    ·Champion of the year

    China Rally Championship

    ·3-times Champion of the year

    Taiwan Rally Championship

    ·China Endurance Championship champions

    ·Ferrari Instructor

    ·Maserati Instructor

    ·Alfa Romeo Instructor

  • Chen Dong Hai


    Chen Dong Hai


    ·Lamborghini Instructor

    ·PORSCHE Instructor

    ·Land Rover China Lead Instructor

    ·Ferrari Instructor

    ·Mclaren Driving Experience Instructor

  • Sascha Moenig


    Sascha Moenig


    ·DrivingArt Chief Instructor,Nürburgring Germany

    ·Nürburgring e-Sport, CEO

    ·Chief Instructor, Fahrsicherheitzentrum Nürburgring Germany

    ·Instructor, Nürburgring Driving Academy

  • Bruce




    ·Instructor, Fahrsicherheitzentrum Nürburgring Germany

    ·Chief Operation Trainer in China, RiMO Germany Go-Kart

    ·Instructor, Farhen Erleben Driving Center Germany

  • Philip Chu


    Philip Chu


    ·DrivingArt Senior Observer of International Rally Events

    ·CRC Champion Co-pilot

  • Mu Yao


    Mu Yao


    ·DrivingArt Senior Photographer


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