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DrivingArt shares Racing Travel Plan around the world with you.


Racing, local cuisines, and wonderful hotels, DrivingArt combines all these charming elements into various travel plans around China, Japan, the USA and Germany, and presents you the latest rules on international racing, popular trends on car modifications and advanced techniques on driving.


DrivingArt also welcomes car brands, racing organizations and wonderful resorts to work with us and jointly present an unprecedented racing travel plan to our fans.





Suzhou, located in the south-east part of Jiangsu province and 110km away from Shanghai, close to Lake Taihu and adherent to Yangtze River with her north territory, is one of the very famous ancient city with rich cultures and long history but still full of modern styles. Suzhou Gardens, are always the representative masterpieces of China’s private garden works. Local specialties include Biluochun Green Tea, Lake Taihu Whitebait and Yangchenghu Hairy Crabs as well.


Tongli Ancient Town, situated in Wujiang District, Suzhou City, is an ancient town built in Song Dynasty. Since Ming and Qing Dynasties, numerous private gardens, temples, and celebrity houses were formed into unique shapes. 15 creeks formed into 川-shape and divided the ancient town into 7 islands. Meanwhile, 49 ancient bridges connected all the islands and chained the whole town. Tiny Bridges, Flowing Creeks, and Residencies, these are the three key elements of the ancient water town.


  We choose Suzhou as the destination of an ultimacy rally tour, because we just want to combine the muds, sweats and tears from the rally training together with the tranquility and wonderful local dishes from the ancient town and present you a unique and unforgettable experience. Further more, you still have the chance to fish on the private boat on Lake Taihu in the next early morning.


  DrivingArt assigns the corresponding number of racing instructors according the number of tour group members and all of the instructors are the rally champion title holders. One-on-One training offers all the tour members the chance to improve their own rally techniques step by step. Brand new and disposable protection suit keeps all the muds and dirts away from your own clothing. The training venue is completely enclosed and ensures that you can enjoy the private training space. Intense training needs more energy and nutirtion! On-site BBQ is just next to your pit.


  Four segments are designed for the training course: 1, Theory; 2, Experience; 3, Self-training; and 4, Hot Lap. This step by step training will expose you with the rally car operation, racing skills and safety rules. Practice and experience will make you better understand the off-road terrain and master the Buggy driving skills. Hot Lap? Yes, the rally champion instructor will drive the Buggy into full speed and you will sit next to him to feel the bumps and holes from the terrain. Hold tight, Impact!


  After the tiring training, we will head to the Yinlu House, an upgraded ancient house full of the spirit of Zen. Simplicity, heritage, hidden culture, all these Zen designs bring you into the ultimate beauty and elegancy of Chinese styles. Yes, this is your tonight hotel. Enjoying green tea, sharing racing stories, together with wonderful local food, it will be a happy night.


Early bird singing will be your natural morning call for the next day. An early get-up and striding through the stone-paneled lanes in Tongli Ancient Town will take you to a private boat yard. Fishing experts on board will teach you how to fish on the Lake Taihu. Your Ultimacy Racing Tour will end with a beautiful lunch at the side of Lake Taihu.



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